Wednesday, September 17, 2014

$1.00 Garden Flag- DIY

I am sucking up every last drop of fall this year! Including decor and fun crafts! At the Dollar Tree last week I found the most awesome and simple (trust me if I can do it you can do it) Garden Flag DIY!!

I love switching my small garden flag seasonally but they not cheap, even with a craft store coupon.

When I found this simple DIY I fell in love!

 I hope you enjoyed! Share with all your frugal friends because I am sure the flags won't last long!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Have You Heard of doTERRA Essential Oils?

Remember back in March when I hosted the second Get a L.I.F.E workshop?  One of the classes I offered was an intro to essential oils. I have to be honest with you this was a very quick add on class because of the invited speaker had a family event that they had to attend. I hand pick all of the presenters and when the essential oils class was offered to me I didn't know what to say. I did a quick search and found a staggering amount of information not only on essential oils but the company that Maggie worked for: doTERRA. Saying a prayer and having faith I invited Maggie to speak. Not only was the class a hit the connections and people that were helped with the oils made me almost cry when talking to Maggie later on.

My oil collection to date
What are essentials oils? How can they help me? These were the burning questions in my head after hearing everyone talking about the class.

So I of course talked to Maggie and set up a class at home to fully understand why the oils worked, how they were safe to use internally (this was a biggie for me), and if I would benefit from using them as apposed to my almost nonexistent medical regimen now.

Maggie is very well versed in all things natural and she completely turned me on to essentials oils from natural cleaning to easing minor aliments and boo-boo's!

I wanted to share with you her Facebook Page she is a globe trotter and destined for this position! Show her some Facebook love if you will and tell her I sent you ;)

Even better news we will be welcoming Maggie back to Get a L.I.F.E. 2015!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Plum Paper Planner Family Planner Review and Coupon Code

This post is very exciting for me in about a million different ways! I won't bore you with every single way but I just wanted to express that right off the bat!

At the beginning of the year I bought my first paper planner as a SHAM. I had always carried a planner for work but since staying at home I didn't think I really needed one. I had various check lists, wall calender's and such that I wrote on to track events, ut they were just not working for me. No lie I was late to two doctors appointments within a month! I tried using my phone but that is not a constant for me. So, I used some Christmas money and bought a Day-Timer from a local office store. It was a splurge for this thrifty lady but so worth it to be organized.

Fast forward to July. My Day-Timer had not been touched in about four months. Why? They layout did not work with how I organized my day and did not help me remember appointments, track meals, or special events. I was very disappointed the planner did not work. I decided to use the ever famous Google to research planners and I came across an almost overwhelming amount of information!

I looked a reviews, price points, and youtube videos to make the most practical and cost effective choice of planners since I had admittedly already splurged on one this year.

I chose.....(drum roll!) a Plum Paper Family Planner!
This has been the best purchase I have made in a very long time! I decided I wanted to share it with you and I even was able to contact the company and they were gracious enough to give my readers a coupon code (THANKS PP!)

Elements of the Plum Planner

 The outside cover can be customized with any color, font, and wording. They have over 20 different designs in the Etsy store to choose from it is almost TOO hard to pick. The cover is a very hard and durable card stock. The design is also on the back cover of the planner. Bonus!
 Covering the front and back cover is a frosted plastic. This acts as a protector for your cover.
I know that bulky things do not appeal to many people and I am one of them. This planner is a 12 month planner running from September to the end of August 2015 another reason I chose this company. You choose when the planner starts! This planner is not overly thick actually my old planner was bigger and thicker!
The Inside
 First look at the deep color tones! Swoon! This is considered the year at a glance and is in the very front of the planner there is also the same for 2015.

 The main part of the planner is the weekly views. They are broken up into monthly sections with these, again, you get gorgeous colored and laminated tabs.  Now this is my one and ONLY thing I would change. The backs of the tabs are not labeled. I wish they were because when I am marking events in for months ahead I have to flip to the front to see which month I want to go back to.
Here is what sold me on this planner! The family planner option has 7 personalized boxed for you to label or leave black as you will! This is how my brain thinks by person, by area of life! And for $35.00 to have a completely customized planner was a steal! On the side of each week view there is also a notes section and weekly checklist. My planner categories are Top Three, Meal Plans, Jen/Jeff, The Boys, Health, School/NTL, To-Do.

 After the monthly sections you will find this double sided folder to house loose papers you would like to keep. You will also see a few notes pages and if you like to write lots of notes there is an option to add on more for a every reasonable cost.
 Here is a look at my weekly view. I have a colored coded system that I have used with all my planners. I also am experimenting with Washi and stickers!The Dollar Tree has a great selection of stickers so I am trying them out on the cheap ;)

Add On's
Plum Planner has good amount of add on options too! I am a list maker so I ordered a set of 2 checklists that are dispersed after the weekly views. I am loving them to track my routines and monthly goals!

You can also order repositionable stickers that fit the squares perfectly. I really like them and they fit with my color code system!

Making it my Own
 I am slowing adding items to the planner that will benefit me with time management. This is on the inside of my cover as a quick and removable to-do list.
I also wanted to find something to keep the planner shut when in my purse or bag. HAIR BANDS! I picked this style up in a 5 pack on clearance for .75!!
It does not bend the planner but keeps it closed the perfect win!


I would like to say that I was NOT paid or compensated to write this post. I honestly wanted to share this because I had never heard of a planner like this before!

If you would like to order a planner feel free to use coupon code "THRIFTY10" to receive 10% off your order! I will not receive anything if you order but if you do let me know because I want to see your awesome covers!!


Meal Plans- 9/15/14

 There seems to be so many people these days looking for meal ideas i.e. Pinterest anyone?  Among the millions of recipes, cooking hacks, and plate envy I thought I would share with you my weekly meal plans. I have shared HOW I meal plan and WHY but I not really gotten into all of the budget friendly and for the most part healthy meals I make. So on Mondays I will be doing my best to take you into my kitchen for the week and show you whats on our menu.
This week we are having Buffalo Wild Wings I purchased a $25.00 gift card in advance because they were part of a Gas Promo deal at Martin's. it was a great win-win! P.S. also an advantage of having your meal planned out :)

I will be eating in Philly twice this week and my husband will be making deli meat roll ups while he is home watching the boys

A quick picture of my weekly Tea Prep, one is sweetened and one is unsweetened.

This is my baked tortellini that I will be pre-making for my husband to toss in the oven while I am out of town :)

 Monday Prep:
Sweetened Tea
Unsweetened Tea
Baked Tortellini
Cheezits (homemade recipe)

I hope everyone is liking this Monday Meal Plan post!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sunday Coupon Preview 9/14/14

Here is what to expect on Sunday in the coupon world!

The Washington Post will have over $220.00 worth of coupons with 2 inserts! Not a bad follow up week to last.

For full details go to!

Have a great weekend and be sure to get out in the community there are a lot of great FREE events to do this weekend!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Time Management- Juggling it All

In January I set out to make 2014 a year that I went outside my comfort zone, to do things I haven't had time to do, a year that I said Yes to things instead of No. My goal was to experience new things but more importantly better myself. Oddly enough by April I was probably the worst version of myself I had ever been in my life! I was saying yes to everything and everyone in hopes to fulfill "something" but I didn't even know what that was.

When April rolled around I was so thankful we had a planned family vacation for 6 days all I wanted to do was escape the hectic world I had cultivated for myself.

When we came back to "reality" I decided I didn't want to be a busy body any more. I did the most extreme opposite you could think of. I became a home body, but not in a good way. I went from doing it all to doing nothing but the bare necessities and I mean bare. I made sure the kids were taken care of and that was about it. I let many of my relationships,  priorities,  and home management go. In my head it made sense it was a detox of sorts.

Why am I righting this today?

Two reasons.

1. The feeling of being completely overwhelmed as a women, wife, mother, friend is real and something we are scared to talk about for the fear of looking weak. Like if we say I just need a break we are taking the roar out of being a supermom. Friends this is just not true. As women we need to support each other in these times. We need to take a break in the spirit of optimism not of failure or regret.

2. I am off my break. But even when I first thought I was done I wasn't.  I didn't really share my feelings with anyone and until I did I was not able to get out from under the cloud. Now that I have experienced this cycle I want to share with you what really had been successful in helping me and how I juggle it all without that overwhelming emotion fully encompassing me.


Stay tuned each Friday for a new post in the new mini series Time Management: juggling it all.

Please reach out to a friend or even me if you are feeling the same way!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Free Toothbrush!

I still love scoring a freebie! If you are at target you can get a free toothbrush just by simply using thier mobile coupons! Here is how:

1. Text "thanks" to 827438
2. Purchase a colgate toothbrush at price point .94
3. Scan the bar code on the mobile coupons. This includes a coupon for $1.00 off any colgate oral care item!

YAY for  free  toothbrushes!